Ontario Biodiversity Summit



The Ontario Biodiversity Council was formed in 2005 to fulfill an action in the first Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy (OBS). The OBS recognizes that to protect the diversity of life broad societal consensus and participation is required and the same collaboration that went into developing Ontario’s biodiversity strategy is necessary to implement it.

The Ontario Biodiversity Council, now celebrating its 10th year, guides the implementation of Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy. It also reports on biodiversity activities through the State of Ontario’s Biodiversity report and it led the development of the new Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy, 2011.

The Council is made up of members from a variety of organizations including conservation and environmental groups, academia, Aboriginal organizations, government, industry associations and others who are committed to the goals of conserving biodiversity, promoting sustainable use of natural assets and mainstreaming biodiversity in society.

To learn more about the Ontario Biodiversity Council and its objectives, you can visit www.ontariobiodiversitycouncil.ca

“We encourage everyone to become engaged in both appreciating and conserving biodiversity. Every one of us has a role to play in reducing pressures on nature. We invite you to join our efforts to protect what sustains us.”

Ontario Biodiversity Council, 2010